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1 Munji Campus Post Authorization Application Munji Campus Management Team 6713 Student, Professor, Administratve
2 Application for Research Sabbatical Extension_Change(연구연가 기간 연장, 변경 신청서) Academic Affairs Team 2152 Professor
3 ③-1(Eng.) Internship Program Evaluation form(Institute→KAIST) Global Leadership Center 2461 Student, Administratve
4 ②-1(Eng.) Internship Outcome Report(Student→Dept.) Global Leadership Center 2461 Student
5 ①-1(Eng.) Internship program application form(Student→KGLC) Global Leadership Center 2461 Student
6 Application for the Library Use for students on a Leave of Absence Academic Information Management Team 2225 Administrative
7 Application for Issuing Certification of Completion Academic Registrar's Team 2365 Student
8 Application for Credit Transfer Academic Registrar's Team 2365 Student
9 Application for Studing at a Different University Academic Registrar's Team 2363 Student
10 Application for Studying at another Univ without Leave of Absence Academic Registrar's Team 2364 Student




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